Day 1 evening | Sympathy of lights | Avenue of stars | 榮園麵家 旺角 Mong Kok



This is a part 2 of what we did in the evening on day 1.The only evening plans we had was to see the Sympathy of lights by the harbor. Resting at back to the hotel we set off again to the streets, going to Victoria Harbour. The sympathy of lights is named the world’s largest permanent light and sound laser show it happens daily at 8 pm doe 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a let down this time around me and the other tourists around the waterfront were anticipating a lot more. Only a few buildings lit up and there were no sound effects at all. Another thing to see near the harbor is the harbor is the avenue of stars, statues of famous celebrities in film and music, and handprints local stars. Last year I took up Wing Chun and it was great to see the iconic Bruce Lee statue.handprints local stars. Last year I took up Wing Chun and it was great to see the iconic Bruce Lee statue.

At Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong is well known for their ferries and junk boats. The one with the red flag is commonly used to promote and associate Hong Kong with. Heading back to Mong Kok we walked around the area trying some local street food. My brother and I went to 榮園麵家 in the alleyway for a bowl of 港式雲吞麵 won ton mien. Perched by a table in the dark alleyway, be prepared to share a table with strangers in Hong Kong and once you’re done pay for the food and leave. It was tasty and plumped and soup broth is flavoured but being in an alleyway and out in the open the cleanliness and hygiene is poor. My brother and I suffered from stomach pains and diarrhea in the night. It was our first and last place eating out in the open during our Hong Kong stay.




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