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50% off Gilgamesh Camden offer

The January sales are over but to celebrate Chinese New Year and the year of the monkey we are offering The Food Connoisseur readers 50% off at Gilgamesh on a la carte main courses* throughout February. Choose from Beef Panang to Five Spiced Baby Chicken or maybe the Tiger Prawn Udon Noodles….they are all to die for. The award-winning Pan-Asian [...]

Shuang Shuang - Conveyor belt style hot pot

There's not much going on in London for the hot pot scene. Whilst many hot pot steamboat places offer unlimited buffet style menus like Little Lamb nearby. The newly opened Shuang Shuang in Chinatown at Little Wu old spot brings a Conveyor belt Yo! Sushi style plate pricing system. Hot pot is a common thing in China, my family tradition is to ha[...]

I walked over 9 miles and done over 30,000 steps in a day - Lake District

Take me back to clean crisp air, tasty gastro pubs and walking around enjoying mother nature I got to go away from my life in the city to having no signal on my phone. Being unreachable, no constant notifications from my phone into the nature of smelly goats poop, avoiding them on my 9 mile, 5-hour hike, house on the prairie like landscapes around the[...]

Ichiryu - Epic Hakata Udon House

Ever since Kyo decided to close it's doors there's been a void in fresh udon noodles houses. Ichiryu is the answer to our prayers, from the team behind Shoyu, Tak Tokumine and Japan Centre, they fill the void with a Hakata style udon house. The area is already filled with ramen restaurants around the corner from New Oxford street, Tottenham Court Ro[...]

Graze review - Healthy portion snacks

I have heard of Graze a few years ago. Every parcel from mail orders came with an insert advertising a FREE graze box. At the time, I thought why on earth would I want to pay a food subscription for £4 for a bunch of nuts? Until sometime last year I received some samples of the Graze to go products £1.20 and notice how different they tasted to dried frui[...]

Sapporo Ichiban - Best kept secret sushi buffet

Catford has it's best-kept secret, it's rare for me to venture out to the South West of London. Sapporo Ichiban is at a random spot near the back streets of Catford Centre. Don't be discouraged by the shop front beyond the glass doors there's a  gigantic fish pond with enormous gold fishes. To the right is the open kitchen and bar where you can watch the[...]

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